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2016-17 PTSA Executive Board Slate

The Nominating Committee is thrilled to present the following slate for your consideration to the PTSA Executive Board:

Co-Presidents: Jen Fenton and Stacy Myrose (term ends 2017)
VP Operations: Matt Luce
VP Student Services: Lily Phillips

VP Volunteers: Andrea Barker (term ends 2017)
VP Character: Wendy Finster
VP Membership: Jeremy Turner

VP Fundraising Events: Tenley Prince (term ends 2017)
VP Fundraising Scrip/Retailers: Janeen Caleo
VP MBEF Liaison: Geraldine Pepemehmetoglu
VP Communications: Loren Kosmont

Parliamentarian: Monique Bottene (term ends 2017)
Treasurer: Kristen Borland (term ends 2017)
Assistant Treasurer: Valerie Lemmon
Financial Secretary: Clare Flynn
Recording Secretary: Deanne Moore
Legislative Representative: Johanna Bloomfield

(slated nominees to serve from 2016-2018 are indicated in bold letters)

Thanks to parents and teachers for your recommendations for these and other candidates. In addition to including some of our school’s most dedicated volunteers, this group truly represents our school community by including some fathers, parents who work outside the home and various grades throughout the school. All PTSA members are asked to attend the PTSA general meeting on April 28 at 8:30 a.m. in the Hub to vote these nominees to the board.