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Parent Party and Auction

Saturday, October 14, 2017 - 6:30pm


Our 80's themed Parent Party (BY TICKETS HERE) is rapidly approaching (Saturday, October 14, 2017), and soon we will be launching this school year’s PTSA PARTY BOOK online!  It’s also our way of building community amongst families with the class, grade and the entire school.

Are you often organizing group play dates, or outings with other families?  Do you have a talent that you could share by teaching others?  Do you own a business that has a location or service that a party could be themed around?  If so, WE NEED YOU!!

The Goal:
Coordinate a handful of families to host a fun, easy, inexpensive party.

Here are some party examples:

Father/Son Flag Football in the park
Mother/Son Bowling  Party
Guys game night
4th Grade Pizza Party at Roundtable
Parent and Child Cooking/Baking Party
Home Made Christmas and or Hanukkah gift making party
Kinder Valentine card making party
Cinco De Mayo party
Parent/Child Walk Street Ping Pong Tourney

The Commitment:
The more families that are willing to help, the easier it will be.  If each grade level has 2 (kid-geared) parties and 2 (adult) parties it would be FABULOUS!!!

Our school is filled with amazing, fun families.  Let’s take the time to grow together and become an even stronger Riptide community!

Questions? Ideas? Ready to plan a party?
Email Melissa Iacono or Tenley Prince 

Party Book 101

What is "party book"?

A variety of parties offered for purchase. Each party is hosted/donated by parents at Robinson.

The parties vary in theme and are typically kid specific or adult specific. (I.e. Gametruck, or dads poker night)

These Party Book parties are held on predetermined dates between October-June.

Each party has a finite number of tickets available for purchase. The proceeds from the tickets sold go directly to Robinson PTSA. 

When are "party book" parties available for purchase?

Partybook tickets go on sale the evening of the Robinson Parent Party (10/14/17).
*some parties have limited tickets for purchase so best to buy them when Party Book goes "live" on our auction website the night of the Parent Party.  

What to do now?

Get some friends together and consider hosting a party!  Email melissa_iacono76@hotmail to complete the host form.

What to do October 14th at 6:30pm?

Buy tickets to a variety of fun parties for you, your spouse, and your kids! 

Tickets will be available on our Parent Party auction website.