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There are various ways in which committees can publicize what is going on with their event – Robinson Website (, Tuesday Tide (an e-mail blast, about upcoming events & flyers, that goes to every e-mail name listed in the Robinson directory), Robinson Calendar, messages on classroom bulletin boards & white boards. Information about your event should be provided ASAP.  Benefits of providing detailed information early include:

  1. Information being available on the web early and ready to be viewed by all
  2. Joni directing people to the web site for information on your event versus trying to track it down herself
  3. You NOT needing to later create the documents at the last minute when there are so many other things going on during that time (it’s craziest in Oct, Nov, May & June)
  4. Your information automatically being sent out in the Tuesday Tide when instructed, without any more work on your part

Items to be entered into the following Tuesday Tide need to be sent to Joni or inserted into the web no later than noon on Friday.

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