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Robinson Cultural Arts Program

Students call it fun, we call it Cultural Arts.  Every student, every year, participates in a 10 lesson, performing arts residency, unique to each grade, K-5.  Developed by Robinson teachers and performing arts artists, cultural arts enhances classroom learning, strengthens students’ creative and artistic skills, builds confidence, and broadens student exposure to a diverse array of experiences through the performing arts.

Every residency consists of a high quality curriculum that meets the stringent California Visual and Performing Arts Standards, and reinforces classroom learning by tying to a unit of study or theme within each grade’s curriculum.


Performing Art
Curriculum Tie
Kindergarten 3 Piggy Opera Beginning Literature: Plot, Character, Conflict
1st Pantomime Sequencing: Writing, Math
2nd Irish Dance Communities Outside Our Own
3rd Square Dance Westward Expansion, Geometry
4th California Folk Dance Study of California
5th Urban Contemporary Dance Theme of “Power”

Please click here to see a video of the Robinson Cultural Arts Program.

Teaching Artists

 Radha Delamarter: Teaches 3 Piggy Opera to Kindergarten Students

 Keith Berger: Teaches Pantomime to 1st Grade Students

 Maire Clerkin: Teaches Irish Dance to 2nd Grade Students

 Rosina Didyk: Teaches Square Dance to 3rd Grade Students

 Jane Glaser: Teaches California Folk Dance to 4th Grade Students

 Robert Gilliam: Teaches Urban Contemporary Dance to 5th Grade Students

Program Sponsors

Huge thanks to all our Program Sponsors:

1. Don Knabe Arts Education Partnership Program ($7,579)

2. Target ($2,000)

3. Robinson Class of 2013 ($2,306.56)

 CLASS of 2013